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Chapter 22: The Forgotten Language of the Heart

It happened after the Second World War: a soldier came back home. He had been away from home for five years, and naturally he was in a hurry to meet his wife. As he hugged his wife he got a shock - such an electric shock, he fell flat on the ground. He said, “My God, what has happened?”

For five years the wife had been waiting and waiting and waiting with such intensity, her electric forces had been accumulating.

Doctors were called. They could not even take her hand to check her pulse - immediate shocks. Then the electrician was called, hoping that something. Now it was no longer physical; something electrical had gone wrong. The electrician was very much afraid. He said, “First take this bulb in your hand.” He gave the woman a five-candle bulb to put in her hand, and the bulb lit up.

That was the first happening of its type. The whole woman was throbbing with electricity. Because of her, research started into human electricity, and now it is an established fact that every human body has electricity.

If your eyes are very perceptive, you can see the electric aura around the body. As you have seen around the photos of Nanak, Kabir, Krishna, Rama, Buddha - those circles around the faces are not fictions, they are not the imaginations of the painters; they have been seen by disciples, by meditators.

And now in the Soviet Union, there is a photographer who even takes photographs. He has developed very sensitive plates. His name is Kirlian, and because of his name, his photography has become known as Kirlian photography. He has become world famous. If he takes your photo, it will not just be you but also surrounding your whole body will be an aura of light. And strangely enough, if somebody’s hand has been cut off in an accident and Kirlian takes a photograph, the hand is not there in the photograph but the aura of the hand is still there. The electrical body is still intact - nothing has been disturbed, only the physical part has dropped. One of your fingers has been cut off for some reason, some accident; but in the photograph four fingers will show a darker photo of the physical finger with a lighter shade around it, and one finger will be simply the lighter electric shade. But the shade will still be there.

And this is not only with the human body. A roseflower. You can pluck a petal and Kirlian can say which petal has been taken out - his photograph will show the missing petal’s electric aura.

So what is happening to you is that as you become silent, you start becoming aware of your inner being, which is surrounded by light. The ancients have called it the astral body, the body of light, the body made of starlight - that is what astral means. Just remember that it is not in the area of mind, and tell the mind, “This is none of your business. Do your thing.”

And there are many more things. Existence is not limited to the mind; it is far bigger, far more mysterious. You have all the possibilities that any mystic has ever experienced anywhere in the world, but you will have to silence your mind; otherwise those doubts can go on disturbing you.

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