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Chapter 2: The Beggar and the Emperor

Purna said, “The same that would happen in your heart. I will be thankful that existence is kind; these people are good that they do not kill me. They could have killed me.”

Buddha said, “Now let me ask the last question. If they do kill you, what will be your last thought while dying?”

Purna said, “You are asking in vain. You know very well that the same will happen to me as would happen to you in such a situation. While dying, I will go thanking them that these are good people, that they relieved me of this life in which some mistake was possible.”

Buddha said, “You have become a religious man. You can go anywhere. Now the whole earth is paradise for you, and all homes are temples, and each eye is the eye of existence.”

Yoga lays the foundation for such a vision.

I will talk to you on more of the sutras of yoga tomorrow. Some questions have come, some more questions may come by tomorrow; then all the questions can be answered together. You listened to my talk with such love - I am grateful.

Let me give you some information for the morning. Only those friends should come in the morning who want to do the meditation - remember, only those who want to do the meditation. Don’t come to watch. Nothing can be known by watching; only by doing can it be known. Also, watching disturbs the meditators. Those who come should come after bathing, and they should come silently and take their seats here. Don’t use words at all, so that the milieu of the place can become helpful and conducive for going into meditation.

I am grateful that you have listened to me with such love and silence. Now to end, I bow down to the divine that dwells in you all. Please accept my pranams, my offering of respect.