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Chapter 3: As I Have Loved You

Tee-hee hee,
you and me,
me is you,
you is me.
Life is death,
dead is life,
I am my husband,
you are your wife.
We aren’t God-children,
they aren’t God-us,
we are all that happy,
so why this fuss?
Fuss, fuss, fuss,
cuss, cuss, cuss.
Total experience?
Yes - that’s us.

He thinks that he is ridiculing, and he is being ridiculous himself; but this is natural to the mind.

Jesus goes on saying, “I and my father are one.” That means that the son is the father. The vice-versa has never been said, but should be said. Only then will the truth become clear; that the father is also the son. If the son is the father, then the father is also the son, but then things become elusive.

On this last night with his disciples, he brings this meeting of opposites, this meeting of the distant and the near, to a peak point, to a climax. By touching the feet of his disciples, he is saying that the disciple is the master, the master is the disciple. This is a Zen act. Without saying anything, he is saying the very essence of all religions. He is saying, “I and thou are not two.” He is saying, “Thou is me, me is thou” - he is making the circle complete. The master touching the feet of the disciples is a rare phenomenon. Through this symbolic act, Jesus is taking his departure from his disciples, showing them the very essence of religion: where the master touches the feet of the disciple, where the son becomes the father and the father becomes the son, where the night becomes the day and the day becomes the night, and opposites merge, disappear.

This is difficult for R.C. Zaehner to understand. In his book he calls Aristotle many times, “Our father, Aristotle.” It must be so; Aristotle must be his father, not God. Aristotle is the logical mind. The very essence of the logical mind is that day and night are separate and can never meet. East and West are separate - “East is East, West is West, and the twain shall never meet.” But I tell you, they are meeting here, they are meeting everywhere. Wherever life exists, East and West are meeting; wherever life exists, men and women are meeting; wherever life exists, the master and the disciple are meeting; wherever life exists, the soul and matter are meeting - in you, everywhere: in a flower, in a tree, in a rock, in a man - the soul and matter are meeting. And still you go on dividing. Can you demark exactly where your body ends and your spirit begins, where your spirit ends and your body begins? They are one: the body is touching the feet of the spirit and the spirit is touching the feet of the body. It is a circle.

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