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Chapter 16: Rising in Love: A Partnership in Meditation

That is the misery of Western man. Western man is missing the flowering of life because he knows nothing about meditation, and Eastern man is missing because he knows nothing of love. And to me, just as man and woman are halves of one whole, so are love and meditation. Meditation is man; love is woman. In the meeting of meditation and love is the meeting of man and woman. And in that meeting, we create the transcendental human being - which is neither man nor woman.

Unless we create the transcendental man on the earth, there is not much hope, but I feel my people are capable of doing the apparently impossible.

Even in my childhood I never rebelled when something wasn’t authentic. I learned to wear a mask. I learned it so well that it is very difficult for me to see whether I’m authentic or phony.
Tomorrow I am going to take sannyas.
Is it alright with you to have a disciple who has so little authenticity and who hardly knows what love is?

The question is such: it is as if you are sick and you go to a physician and ask him, “Is it all right for you to accept a sick man as a patient, or do you accept only the healthy people?” My whole business is to accept all kinds of people - hypocrites with all kinds of masks - insincere, obedient against their own intelligence. But these are the people who need me, and these are the people I need too.

Bring all your sicknesses. Don’t be worried, I have even initiated a few dead people in the hope that resurrection is possible!

Sometimes life seems to be such a drag that I would rather like to die. Any advice?

There are many methods to die, but one thing: anybody who really wants to die never asks for advice. Living may be a drag, but death is very quick. All around you, there are so many ways. But you don’t want to die. In fact, even the people who commit suicide don’t want to commit suicide. They commit suicide because they expected too much from life and they could not get it. The failure was so great, that to live shamefully became difficult. They committed suicide not against life; they committed suicide because they could not manage to learn the art of life. They wanted life to be a great benediction, and it was a drag.

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