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Chapter 5: The Diamond beyond Sex

My beloved ones,

Friends have asked many questions.

Why did you choose sex as the subject of your discourses?

This has a little story. There is a big marketplace. Some people call that big marketplace Bombay. There was a meeting arranged in that big market and a pundit was speaking on Kabir’s statements. He recited the couplet: “Kabira khada bazar mein liye lukathi hath; jo ghar barai apno chalai hamare sath.” Then he explained, “‘Kabir is standing in the middle of the marketplace, waving a burning torch’ and shouting to people, calling all and sundry: ‘Only those who have the courage to burn their houses will be able to come with me.’”

I observed that people in that meeting were pleased hearing the call. I was in for a surprise because later I found out that none of them, who appeared so pleased listening to such a deep and drastic message from Kabir, was ready at all to burn his house. But seeing them pleased, I thought how happy Kabir might have felt had he existed today! A few centuries ago when he must have shouted his call in some marketplace, not a single person must have felt pleased. The species of man is strange! People feel pleased listening to the words of someone who has already died, but listening to someone living they threaten to kill the person. I thought had Kabir been in this big marketplace called Bombay today, how happy he would have felt. People are so pleased hearing what “Kabirji” said although they had never felt pleased hearing “Kabirji” himself. However, seeing these people pleased, I felt that because these people not only have the courage to put their houses on fire, but are also pleased about it, I must share some frank points from the bottom of my heart with them. So I fell prey to the same deception that a Kabir or a Christ have always been falling to.

I wanted to say something about truth to people. But in order to talk about truth, it is necessary to first destroy those untruths which man has accepted as truths. Unless these untruths regarded as truths are uprooted, no step in the direction of truth can ever be taken.

I was asked to speak on “Love” in that meeting. But I felt that as long as we were sitting with certain incorrect suppositions about sex, it is not possible to understand anything about love. As long as there are misconceived beliefs about sex, whatever we discuss about love will be incomplete, will be false. It can not be true. So, I said a few things about sex in that meeting and I said that it is the sex energy itself which in its transformed state becomes love.

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