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Chapter 1: Left Brain, Right Brain Inner Conflict

It is possible that one day, just as the communist revolution has succeeded in Russia and China, one day somewhere - maybe in America - women can succeed and overthrow men. But by the time women succeed, the women will no longer be women; by that time they will have become left-hemisphered - because to fight one has to be calculative, and to fight with men you have to be like men, aggressive.

That very aggressiveness is shown all over the world in women’s liberation. Women who have become part of that liberation movement are very aggressive; they are losing all grace, all that comes out of intuition -because if you have to fight with men you have to learn the same trick, if you have to fight with men you have to fight with the same techniques. Fighting with anybody is very dangerous because you become like your enemy.

That is one of the greatest problems of human history. Once you fight with somebody, by and by you have to use the same technique and the same way. The enemy may be defeated, but by the time he is defeated you have become your own enemy. Stalin is more czar-like than any czar, more violent than any czar. Of course, it has to be so: to overthrow czars, very violent people are needed, more violent than the czar himself. Only they will become the revolutionaries, only they will come out on top. By the time they reach there, they have become czars themselves, and society continues in the same way. Just superficial things change; deep down the same conflict remains.

The conflict is in man. Unless it is resolved there, it cannot be resolved anywhere else. The politics is within you, it is between your two parts of the mind. A very small bridge exists. If that bridge is broken through some accident, through some physiological defect or something else, the person becomes split, the person becomes two persons and the phenomenon of schizophrenia or split personality happens. If the bridge is broken - and the bridge is very fragile - then you become two, you behave like two persons. In the morning you are very loving, very beautiful, in the evening you are very angry, absolutely different. And you don’t remember your morning - how can you remember? - another mind was functioning and the person becomes two persons. If this bridge is strengthened so much so that the two minds disappear as two and become one, then integration, then crystallization arises.

What George Gurdjieff used to call the crystallization of being is nothing but these two minds becoming one, the meeting of the male and the female within, the meeting of yin and yang, the meeting of the left and right, the meeting of logic and illogic, the meeting of Plato and Aristotle.

If you can understand this basic bifurcation in your tree of life then you can understand all the conflict that goes on around you and inside you.

Let me tell you an anecdote:

Among the Germans, Berlin is considered to be the very epitome of Prussian brusqueness and efficiency, while Vienna is the essence of Austrian charm and slipshoddiness.

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