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Chapter 12: The Lesson of Harmony

Only fragments of the great song
come to your ears while yet you are but man.
But if you listen to it,
remember it faithfully,
so that none which has reached you is lost,
and endeavor to learn from it
the meaning of the mystery which surrounds you.
In time you will need no teacher.
For as the individual has voice,
so has that in which the individual exists.

Store in your memory the melody you hear.

Right now, you are certainly not capable of really listening to that great music. In your present state, you cannot hear the whole melody. To hear that great melody, slowly you will have to start learning the inner melody - because only like can experience like.

Always remember these great words: only like can experience like.

If you want to hear that great music, you will have to become musical. If you want to see that great light, you will have to start becoming a light unto yourself. If you want to have a taste of deathlessness, you will have to go beyond the fear of death.

You have to become like that which you wish to experience, because only like can experience like. There is no way to know that which is not intrinsically the same.

That’s why the ancient sages have said that your eyes are nothing but an extension of the sun within you, and that is why they are able to perceive the light. Your ears are an extension of the sound within you; that is why they are able to hear. Your sexual desire is a part of the earth; that is why it pulls you downwards to itself. Meditation is a part of the godliness within you; that is why it takes you towards existence.

Bear in mind that you become a channel for whatever you are connected to. So if you want to hear the supreme music, you will not be able to as you are right now - because right now you are so filled with noise, right now your life is so lacking in harmony. There is a great deal of clamor going on inside you, but no harmony at all. In the way you walk, in the way you sit, in the way you stand, in the way you live and think, there is great chatter and discord - as if you were a busy market road with traffic coming and going; a road which has no order, which is a chaos. If you think that you will be able to hear that great music in amongst this anarchy that is going on inside you, you are mistaken. It is impossible.

But if you make some effort, you will manage to hear some fragments of it - because no matter how chaotic a state you are in, you are alive. This is enough of an indication that there must be some kind of harmony within you. Otherwise you could not live, you would have broken down and disintegrated. If there were really so much chaos inside you that nothing at all remained there to join it together, you would have broken into pieces long ago. You would have fallen apart like a house in which the cement that holds the bricks together had cracked and broken. You would have collapsed.

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