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Chapter 16: Drowned in Spaghetti

Now scientists, particularly brain surgeons, have discovered seven hundred centers in your brain which contain all your life. And the strangest phenomenon that they discovered, and could not believe in the beginning, but had to believe because there is no other way, is that those seven hundred centers each control one aspect. For example, one controls your sex. Ordinarily, you think that the genitals is where sex is. It is not the genitals; it is in your brain from where your genitals are just offshoots. Your hands are controlled by the brain, your legs, everything; your tongue, your eyes, everything is controlled from the brain. And if you touch with an electrode - a very thin needle with electricity running through it - if you touch a center, suddenly the man starts doing things. For example: if you touch his dream center, even if he is awake he starts talking as if he is in the dream. You take away the electrode and he stops talking. The great surprise was that if you put the needle again on the same center, the man does not start talking from the point where he has stopped. He starts the dream again from the very beginning.

It seems there is an automatic reversal process. You have to reverse a tape, but your brain reverses immediately. When you put the needle on the dream center again it starts from a b c, not from the point where it has stopped. If you take the needle away again, it reverses so quickly that no time is lost. Put the needle back and it starts from a b c again. If the man was saying, “I am Alexander the Great.” - if you have touched his past life memory center and he was saying, “I am Alexander the Great,” and if you take the needle away and put it back again, he will again start with, “I am Alexander the Great.”

Your brain contains all the memories, psychological memories of your past lives. But the more you meditate, the more you go on erasing all psychological memories. Begin first from this life, then slowly, slowly your meditation gets deeper and the past life’s memories are also removed, erased. And a man with no psychological memory at all is the man we call enlightened. I am trying to give you different dimensions of enlightenment.

Just a joke after a serious matter in which you had to contain your laughter. It has no concern with the question; it concerns you. So my tapes, my videos, my books should be read with the idea clearly that I am not concerned what I am saying, I am more concerned to whom I am saying, and why I am saying.

My concern is not theoretical.

It is absolutely practical.

So just to erase the seriousness which I know.past lives, new information, psychological memories, spiritual memories, factual memory. These are not the things that are going to help you have a good laugh. This is none of those memories..

“Mommy,” asked little Sadie, “does everyone have their legs up in the air when they go to heaven?”

“No,” the mother replied. “Where did you get such a silly idea?”

“Well, I just came from the bedroom. The maid had her legs up in the air and was screaming, ‘God, I’m coming. God, I’m coming.’ But daddy was on top of her and he would not let her go.”