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Chapter 8: A Beginning with No End

Chittam is the whole past, all the minds that are clinging collectively to chetana, to consciousness. They will be dropped collectively, and once they are dropped it is as if you have dropped your clothes and your consciousness is naked. This naked consciousness is the ultimate experience of being.

The dropped minds will remain in the basement of your brain, so even if an enlightened person wants to go through them he can go through them, just the way you can go to the basement of your house and look through all the junk you have been throwing there.

The brain is the latest layer, but the brain itself is not the layer, the content. The brain itself is only a mechanism; it is a biocomputer. When you purchase a computer it is empty; it has no input, it is new. Then you start putting things into it, whatever you want - history, science, religion, mathematics, anything that you want to feed the computer. It collects it, it has a memory system, just as the brain has a memory system. And whenever you want any information you can ask the computer and it will give you the information.

There is a danger that in the future the computer is going to destroy people’s capacity for memory, because it will be far more accurate and it will be just a small remote controller that you can keep always with you - either you can have your own computer in the house or you can be joined with the collective computer in the city. And on your remote controller you can figure out anything. You can even find out on what date Socrates was married! But it can give you only that information which has been fed into it. If you ask it any new question that has not been programmed before, the computer is helpless; no answer will come.

The same is the situation of the brain. The brain is a computer, just like a memory system. And all of our education is nothing but feeding the computer. It will be able to answer only that which has been fed into it. If you have not learned physics and some question is asked about it, the mind cannot answer because it is not in your memory. So what you call thinking is just futile; you are just going through the memory system finding some answer for a question it has no answer for. Any new question and it stops; it is helpless.

That’s why I insist you cannot think about truth, you cannot think about enlightenment, you cannot think about love. You cannot think of all great things in life because they cannot be fed into the computer ahead of time.

A scholar has a more full computer, his memory is richer; a professor has even more. There are people who are respected only for their memory. Our whole education is nothing but a training in memory, it is not an education for intelligence. Intelligence will be a totally different thing. Our education simply tells you what has to be memorized.

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