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Chapter 8: A Beginning with No End

In the Soviet Union they realized the fact that the brain is exactly like a computer. Then why torture it and why unnecessarily harass it? Hence in examinations students are allowed to go into the library to consult books or to bring any book they want. All the books that may be needed are available in the examination hall. What is the need to unnecessarily remember something when it is written in the books? But one thing was discovered, and it changed the whole situation: people who were not coming first started coming first in the examinations. People who had been coming first started losing their grip, started going down - second class, third class.

What happened? In order to search for the answer you need intelligence, and those books are big and the time is limited - three hours. You have to answer five questions. You have to be very alert and intelligent to find all the relevant facts and figures to give an answer. The people who had always been coming first started losing ground because they don’t have any intelligence, they only have memory. Now that memory was of no use.

This is all so primitive. Each student can be supplied with a small remote controller, and he can just check what answer is needed. His intelligence will be in how to use the remote controller - how to use it wisely, how not to get mixed up, how to understand the question intelligently so that he can find the answer intelligently. But it is not a question of memory. A different kind of education will be needed which teaches you intelligence.

It is a known fact that people of great intelligence don’t have that great a memory. And there have been people of great memory, but they don’t have any intelligence at all. Their memory is almost miraculous, unbelievable, but it is absolutely mechanical.

When the fountain pen was invented it was found that people started losing their beautiful handwriting. With just a simple old-fashioned pen you can write better than with a fountain pen. The fountain pen is speedy and you need not dip it again and again into the ink; it has ink in it. Because of the speed and the ink supply people started writing fast. The grace that was there in writing slowly, suddenly disappeared.

The same is going to happen with computers. It will help you immensely to remember, but it will help also in a negative way - you will not have memory. You will even have to check the names of your friends on the computer. You will even have to check the street number where you live on the computer, because now there is no need for your own computer to work - you have a mechanical device.

The brain is not a problem because the brain is only a machine. The problem is the contents in the brain, which is the mind. The brain is only a container, and each life you get a new container. The old content is shifted as a layer surrounding your consciousness.

So when I say you get a fresh beginning, I mean in the brain, not the mind. But in English they are being used synonymously. If you start going into past lives you will be entering the world of the mind, which is immense, and each layer will reveal one life. When all the layers have been passed through consciously, only then you come to the center of your consciousness.

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