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Chapter 11: Truth or Trick?

Don’t be afraid, your efficiency will be increased. And the quality will be different because there will be no effort. When you need to, you can use your mind. It is just an instrument; just like your hands and legs it is a physical part of you. Memory is a physical thing remember, so if your brain is destroyed you may be alive and conscious but you will lose your memory. If a particular part of your brain is destroyed, then a particular type of memory will be lost.

One of my friends, a doctor, fell down from a train. He fell down on his head and something was destroyed. For three years all memory was lost; he couldn’t even recognize his father or mother. He was alive, fully alive, conscious; but he couldn’t read, couldn’t write, because all memory was lost. He started from ABCD again, and only after three years was he able to use his brain again. But now he was just a child of three years; all the medical knowledge, all the degrees that he had were lost because particular tissues, particular nerves in the brain, were destroyed and with them all memory was lost or cut off.

Now, in China, they use brainwashing. They give some electrical stimulation to particular parts of the brain; just by electrical shock they destroy the inner memory. So if you are a religious man they will give you a shock treatment in the mind and all your memories - that you are religious, that you go to this church or you read this holy book, or you belong to this sect - will be destroyed. Then you can easily be converted into a communist because then you don’t know who you are.

And now these techniques have become available to the whole world. Every government now has the secrets. And the most dangerous thing that is going to happen soon all over the world will be not physical violence, but psychological violence. You need not murder a man; you simply destroy a particular memory in him. He is brainwashed, now he will have to learn from ABC, so he cannot fight with you. If you want to convert him into a communist or an anticommunist, first destroy the memory; then he becomes like a child, helpless. Then start the training again. Now a new memory will be created, a new learning, a new conditioning.

The atom bomb is not such a great danger as these secrets are because the very soul of man can be enslaved through them. If Jesus is born now in Soviet Russia or communist China, they will not crucify him; first they will try to destroy his memory. They cannot be successful with Jesus, but they can be successful with you. They cannot succeed with Jesus because he is already unidentified with the memory. If you destroy the memory nothing is really lost because he lives in his consciousness, not in his memories. You don’t really have any consciousness separate from the memories, so if your memory is destroyed your consciousness is destroyed. You don’t know how to function without the memories.

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