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Chapter 7: The Mental Body and the Bodies of Awareness and Bliss

When the soul,
in collaboration with the two bodies,
and through the medium of the fourteen instruments,
conceives objects such as words,
it is called manomay kosh, the mental body.
When the soul,
in collaboration with the three bodies,
becomes conscious of all perceptions,
it is called vigyanamay kosh, the awareness body.
When the soul,
in collaboration with the four bodies,
remains in the innocence of its cause,
like the seed of the banyan tree,
it is called anandamay kosh, the bliss body.

The first body is the gross body - physical, and made of food. The second is the energy body. We talked about these two in the morning. One who purifies the energy body awakens towards the third body; when one layer becomes transparent, glimpses of the next layer start coming.

As we have understood, the first body is made of food, the second body is made of vital energy, and the third is made of thought waves. Thoughts are also food. Thoughts are also things. Thoughts are also energy.

Buddha has said: “As you think so you become. You are the result of your own thinking.” This is true up to the level of the mental body. Buddha’s statement is true because those people he was speaking to knew nothing beyond the mind. But we never regard thoughts as food - thoughts are also food, thoughts also enter within and create a body. Try to understand this.

In 1900, in Calcutta, a boy child disappeared. After seven years he was tracked down in the jungle and was brought back by a hunter. He had been carried off by a wolf. Tremendous efforts were made to make the boy human, but it was very difficult. The boy walked on all fours just like a wolf and he made sounds like a wolf. He had become as ferocious as a wolf, he ran as fast as one, and it was difficult to try to get him to stand upright. The boy died because of these excessive attempts. His mind had not developed because the mind had not received food.

This has happened three or four times. In Uttar Pradesh, some ten years ago, a boy of fourteen was brought back after having lived among wolves. But by the age of fourteen it was too late because he could not speak even a word. After six months he had only been taught to say “Ram.” They had named the boy Ram; after six months it had only been possible to teach him this much. He also died. He was a healthy boy but he could not be saved in spite of the best of efforts. Now it had become too difficult to develop his mind and to make him a human being because the mental body had not been developed.

You speak a particular language; this is the food you have been given from childhood. If you had been in another family you would have spoken a different language. Language creates a deep layer.

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