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Chapter 10: Struggling for the New Man

I said, “You are the first man.. Just tell me a little more. How did you manage to find out that he is a true god?”

He said, “My son was out of service, without employment. I prayed to Hanuman and gave him an ultimatum, ‘If within a month my son does not get employment, I will stop worshipping you.’ And my son got the employment within the month. I have absolute proof that Hanuman is a real god.”

I said, “You keep your proof and remain happy, but never try it again. Coincidences do not happen every day.”

He said, “What do you mean?”

I said, “Your wife is sick, suffering from cancer. Give it a try again. Threaten your monkey god, ‘If within one month the cancer does not disappear, I am going to stop worshipping you.’”

He said, “That is a good idea, because I never thought about it.” But rather than the cancer disappearing, his wife died. He was very angry at Hanuman.

I said, “It is all you. There is no monkey god; it is your projection. Sometimes as a coincidence your prayer is fulfilled. Sometimes, most of the times, it is not fulfilled.”

But he said, “This is too much. I had asked him to remove the cancer, and he has removed my wife!” Still he is thinking that the monkey god exists.

People need some protection from above, particularly retarded people. They have created God. They have created mediators - the Popes, Shankaracharyas, Khomeinis. There are millions of these mediators around the world. They are parasites, and their whole business depends on one thing: that God should continue to exist. And I say to you, there is no God.

You are here. If you want to live a life enriched with love, music, poetry - if you want your life not to be something like a burden that you carry from the cradle to the grave, but a dance - then you have to evolve your intelligence, your awareness, your consciousness. Nobody is going to help you, and nobody is going to save you. All saviors are false - exploiters. All prophets are taking advantage of your stupidity.

The new man will not have any messiahs, prophets, saviors, god-men. There is no need. These are the needs of those who have remained stuck in their mental growth.

I want to emphasize the point that if a man can have ninety years of physical age and thirteen years of mental age, the vice versa is also possible, and should be made possible.

A thirteen-year-old boy can have the mind and mental age of a ninety-year-old man. And that will be the day of rejoicing, when your mental age is ahead of your physical age. That is the beginning of a superman, the beginning of the new man, a new humanity.

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