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Chapter 66: A Buddha Is a Nobody

This is the deepest teaching of all the knowers: there is nothing to choose. Everything is accepted. If you can accept it in its totality, you are transformed. But if you are cunning and want to deceive yourself, then this total acceptability will be dangerous.

So, I say many things to you just because of you. And just in-between I also go on communicating that which I would really like to say to you. But it can be given only very indirectly. You are so dangerous, so suicidal, that you can commit something which will be harmful to you.

I am talking about a higher truth - not only a higher truth, but an ultimate truth. Naropa, in his song, says that only an inch difference sets heaven and hell apart. An inch difference between what is good and what is bad sets heaven and hell apart.

And you will have to live in anguish because you have created the division. Bring all the dualities nearer, closer, and let them merge. Let the good and bad merge into each other, the darkness and the light merge into each other, life and death merge into each other. Then there is advait, then there is oneness. That oneness brings freedom, transformation.

The fourth question:

It is our imagination, through auto-suggestions, that has established us in the world of the finite, in the world of names and forms, in the world of pains and pleasures. Can the same instrument be used to reach the infinite, the absolute, the blissful? The same instrument in the reverse order?

You have come to this house, soon you will be going back, and the same path will be used again - but in the reverse order. While you were coming here your face was towards me and when you go back, your back will be towards me. But the path will be the same. No other path is needed to go back home. Only the direction changes.

The way which you have traveled to come into darkness will be the way, is the way, the only way. You will have to travel back that way. The way that has brought you into misery and anguish will be the way which will lead you towards bliss and ecstasy. There is no other way, there is no need. And remember, don’t follow any other way otherwise you will never reach home.

You have to be alert to follow the same path again. The only change is in the direction - it is a total about-turn. Hypnosis, auto-suggestion, they create this world; de-hypnosis, de-auto-suggestion will lead you back to the real. There is no finite world, the world is infinite. It is your super-imposition, your hypnosis, that makes it look finite. Withdraw your hypnosis and the world is infinite - it has always been so.