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Chapter 2: Because I Love You

Religion is the science of the soul. It is an effort to help you to meet and merge with the totality of existence: call it dharma, Tao, God, or anything you like. It is an effort to destroy all barriers between you and the whole so that you can start feeling the whole merging in you and you merging in the whole.

When you simply become a wave in the ocean there is great joy, because all fear of death disappears. You are no more separate so you cannot die. When you are just a wave in the ocean, all anxiety disappears, because anxiety is possible only if you think of yourself as an individual - separate. When you are just a wave in the ocean, then the ocean takes care of you.

Sometimes you are there manifest and sometimes you are there unmanifest, but you are there always and forever.

Religion is a totally different phenomenon. Psychoanalysis cannot become a substitute for it. It is good that psychoanalysis helps a little bit - people need help - but it is not religion, because psychoanalysis never transforms you. Religion is the science of transformation.

You need a radical transformation, you need a mutation, you need a new birth. Psychology cannot become that.

Religion is nothing but the process of rebirthing. You are born anew, you are born in god, you are resurrected. Religion is death and resurrection.

Enough for today.