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Chapter 10: Utter Emptiness

The first question:

Even in my relationship with you, words become less important all the time. Why should a buddha and a bodhisattva need to talk at all?

What are you talking about, what talk? It never happened. Nobody has said anything and nobody has heard anything. The Diamond Sutra has no sutras in it, Mahasattva, that’s why it is called The Diamond Sutra. It is an utter emptiness. If you get caught in the words you will miss the message. The Diamond Sutra is absolutely empty, there is no message in it. There is nothing to read and nothing to hear. It is utter silence.

If you read something in The Diamond Sutra you have missed it. If you find some doctrine in it, some philosophy in it, then you must be imagining, it must be your dream. Buddha has not said anything, neither has Subhuti heard anything. In that non-talking and non-hearing, something has happened - something which is beyond words. Ananda has tried to capture that for you in words, but it was not delivered in words. It was a communion between two emptinesses.

You just go to the sea and you see the morning, and the fresh air and the sunrays and the waves, and you come home and you relate to somebody what you have seen. Then you relate only words. The word sea is not the sea and the word sun is not the sun and the word freshness is not freshness. How do you commune? You have come back from the beach and your beloved asks, “What happened?” You bring all that has happened into words, knowing perfectly well that it cannot be brought into words, it cannot be reduced into words. Words are so pale.

Something has certainly happened between Buddha and Subhuti, something which is transcendental. Maybe they had just looked into each other’s eyes. Something was triggered in the consciousness of Subhuti by Buddha’s presence. Ananda is trying to report it for you. You are blind. You cannot see light, you can only hear the word light.

So remember: The Diamond Sutra is not a sutra at all, that’s why it is called The Diamond Sutra, the most precious, because it contains no philosophy, no system, no theory. It contains no words, it is an empty book.

If you can forget the words and you can go deeper into the gaps between the words, if you can forget the lines and can go deeper between the lines, in the intervals, in the pauses, then you will find what has happened. It is not a verbal communication.

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