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Chapter 24: Bring in the New Man

What I am saying is that there is no need for anybody to suffer. Just be aware, let awareness be there. Anger will arise and will be consumed by awareness. One cannot be angry with awareness and one cannot be greedy with awareness and one cannot be jealous with awareness. Awareness is the golden key.

The last question:

The orange tricked me, caught hold of me and brought me here.
Everybody seems to know but nobody tells me all of it. I think and meditate on the orange - for days - but there still remains a secret in it.
My name is fire and there is fire burning in me. Is that not enough?
I have always been afraid to wear uniforms and understand that this is in my way of wearing the orange.
I don't know why. Do I have to wear it as a message, or is it simply a meditation on its own, on the path to the light?

There is no secret in it, it is just a way to recognize my people. I have poor eyesight, my eyes have gone all inwards. I will tell you one story:

I know of a tragic case where a minister made just one little transgression. For weeks, this preacherly, pious man had admired and coveted a flashy sport coat in a clothing store window. It was colorful, too colorful for a preacher; for a preacher it was almost blasphemous. But finally one afternoon he cracked and went in and bought that blasphemous coat. It was a bright sunny day as he stepped out of the clothing store in his gaudy garb. Yet, lo and behold, right there in the bright sunlight he was struck dead by a lightning bolt.

Up in heaven he was dumbfounded as he faced the Lord. “Lord, oh Lord!” he said. “Why me? And why so suddenly after all my years of faithful service?”

“Why, Reverend Smith!” said the Lord. “What a dreadful mistake! We had no idea it was you.”

So, I just have poor eyesight to recognize my people. If you want to become one of my people you will have to wear orange. There is no secret about it, all those secrets that I have been telling you are all just bullshit.

Enough for today.