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Chapter 3: My Religion Is a Godless Religion

You must know the meaning of being a disciple, people have forgotten; it comes from “discipline.” And all the religions have corrupted the meaning of discipline; its root meaning is learning.

Coming close is learning.

What I have got, you have got.

I am aware of it, you are not aware of it.

Coming close to me you will learn, “My God! This has always been with me, and I have been searching all over the world, looking into the books, scriptures, seeking the teachers, becoming a member of rotten cults like Christianity, Hinduism, Mohammedanism - all dead.”

Yes, when Buddha was there what is happening to you was happening to his people. But when Buddha is gone what is left behind is mere words, containers; the content is not there. You can go on decorating the containers, but that will not help. You know perfectly well that your statues in the temples, your scriptures in the churches, are just dust of the past. It is better to be finished with them.

But why are you seeking? You are seeking because you are not aware that you have got it already. I cannot give it to you. I can only make you aware, and for that nothing is needed but availability on my part, availability on your part. If these two availabilities are there, two opennesses, without any conditions, it clicks. Suddenly you become a mirror, and the moment you become a mirror you become a master. The same will start happening around you.

So I don’t want you always to remain disciples. That will be a shame.

In the past all the religions have tried just the opposite of what I am doing. That’s why they cannot believe that this is a religion. I am changing the very definition and the foundations. Those old religions were saying that Jesus Christ is the only begotten son of God, you are not. He is special, you are ordinary. He comes with a message from God, from above. He has a speciality, he is extra-ordinary.

At the most you can be Christians, but you cannot be a Christ. Have you thought about it, that in two thousand years nobody has been a Christ again? What kind of religion is this? Just Christians! The first and the last Christ was crucified two thousand years ago; since then nothing has happened, because unless you become a Christ your Christianity is just a hypocrisy. The same is true about other religions.

Once it happened in Baghdad - Caliph Omar was the sovereign. A man was brought to him who was claiming that he had been sent by God and that he brought the latest word of God, the latest message, because Mohammed’s message was thirteen hundred years old, and in thirteen hundred years a new message - better, more polished, more sophisticated - was needed. He had been sent by God.

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