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Chapter 22: Accept Yourself as You Are

Participate in the groups, just sit silently, and tell the group that you are allowed to be as you are. One day, suddenly you will find that everything has collapsed - and then you will come out of it. You will not come out of it by effort, because effort is always partial: on one hand you make the effort to come out, on the other you are pulling yourself in. You take one step forward, and the other foot is ready to withdraw. It becomes futile, meaningless, and you are unnecessarily miserable.

I was waiting until this day, and I was watching what to do. Now this is my message to you: accept yourself as you are; there is no need to be anybody else. Existence must be trying to do something by your being stuck. There must be some purpose behind your being closed.

Drop the fighting, and the instant you drop it the resistance will disappear - because there is no point in being resistant. You will not open gradually, but suddenly.

There are flowers that open gradually and flowers that open suddenly with a noise. You will open suddenly, so don’t be worried!