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Chapter 13: America Is a Hypocrite

Laura Parker

Seattle Post Intelligencer, Seattle, Washington, United States

Hello. There are a great number of readers in the Seattle area who are not as familiar with the commune or with you as the readers in Oregon, so I would like to know something about your background, in addition to some of the things that you want to say about Rajneeshism.
Why did you decide to speak, and why did you decide to speak to reporters?

I have never asked any “why” in my life; I simply do anything that I feel like doing. I am not a man of thinking, I function through my feeling. If I feel to stop speaking, I can stop in the middle of a sentence - I will not even complete the sentence. And if I want to speak, even from my grave I will continue.

Is there anything that you have to say through the media that you couldn’t say through your discourses or books? Do the reporters carry a message to the audience in America for you?

Certainly: whatever I can say to my people I say to them, but that is not going to reach to the people outside the commune. I would like them to be acquainted with what is happening here, and not to depend on rumors. I would like to invite them to be our guests, see our people, and see that there is a different way of life, too.

Is there any way someone who has not come here could understand this way of life?

It is almost impossible, because there are things which can only be experienced and cannot be explained. In fact if you try to explain them, you explain them away.

Will there ever be peace between the people in Oregon who are so opposed to the Rajneeshees, and the commune here? Do you see that ever happening in the future?

I don’t think of the future at all. Right now we are enjoying their opposition, their hostility, because this is the beginning of friendship. If they had ignored us then I would have had to do something.

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