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Chapter 6: Now Is Not Part of Time

Death is a problem. You can avoid it, you can postpone it, but you cannot completely dissolve it. You have to face it. It can be dissolved only by going through it to the very end, all the way. It is very risky and it will give you great fear. Your whole being will start shaking and trembling; the very idea of dying is unacceptable. It looks so unjust and it looks so meaningless. If a person is to die then what is the meaning of life? Then why am I living, for what? If only death is finally to happen, then why not commit suicide now? Why get up every day, work hard, go to bed, get up again, work hard, go to bed - for what? Just to die in the end?

Death is the only metaphysical problem. It is because of death that man starts thinking. It is because of death that man became contemplative, a meditator. In fact, it is because of death that religion was born. The whole credit goes to death. Death stirred everybody’s consciousness. The problem is such; it has to be solved. So nothing is wrong with it.

The question is from Vidya.

“I am confronted by death.” everybody is confronted by death. Martin Heidegger has said, “Man is a being towards death.” And that is the priority of man. Animals die, but they don’t know that they die or that they are going to die. Trees die, but there is no confrontation with death. It is the priority of man that only man knows that he is going to die. Hence, man can grow beyond death. Hence, there is a possibility to penetrate into death and overcome it.

“I accept or so I think.” no, acceptance is not possible. You can deceive: you can think that you accept because it is so troublesome even to look at it. Even to think about it is so troublesome that one thinks, “Yes, okay, I’m going to die - so what? I’m going to die, but don’t raise the question. Don’t talk about it.” One keeps it away, goes on putting it by the side so it does not come in the way, keeps it in the unconscious. Acceptance is not possible. You will have to face death, and when you have faced it you need not accept because then you know there is no death.

“And then many people get sick and death happens and hospitalization and I get this enormous knot of fear in my stomach.” that is where the problem has to be solved. That enormous knot in the stomach is exactly the place where death happens. The Japanese call it hara. Just below the navel, two inches below the navel is a point where body and soul are connected. It is there where disconnection happens when you die. Nothing dies, because body cannot die, body is already dead. And you cannot die because you are life itself. Just the connection between you and the body disappears.

That knot is exactly the place where the work has to be done, so don’t try to avoid that knot. I would like to say to Vidya that whenever you feel that knot, it is such a valuable moment. Close your eyes, go deep into the knot. That is hara. Feel it, allow it; it has some message for you, it wants to say something to you. If you allow it, it will give you the message. If you relax into it, if you go into it, by and by, you will see the knot has disappeared and there is, instead of a knot, a lotus flower - something flowering there. It is a very beautiful experience. And if you go still deeper you will see that it is a bridge, that flower is a bridge. On this side is the body, on the other side is your reality, your soul. And that flower is connecting both; the flower is the bridge.