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Chapter 41: The Salt of the Earth

I have always felt a great love from you for John the Baptist. It seems that the man who is regarded as the prophet who heralded the coming of Jesus was of greater stature than Jesus himself. Would you please comment?

John the Baptist is not much known. He is overshadowed by Jesus Christ and Christianity. He was certainly more powerful and a greater revolutionary than Jesus himself.

It is very unfortunate that Jews won’t talk about him because he was declaring that the old Judaism has come to an end and a new message is just on the way.

This is an old way of saying that he declared that he is preparing the ground for the new messiah.

Symbols change as time changes, but to be more exact and true about the man, it will be better to say that he was preparing the ground for the new message, not the new messiah; and proof for this exists.

I will talk about it.

Jews, out of necessity, have not taken note of John the Baptist. He was declaring the death of the old and the birth of the new, which really the old, the orthodox, the traditional, cannot respect.

And Christians have ignored him for another reason - because he baptized Jesus, initiated him into religion. Christians don’t want to mention the fact that Jesus had a master because that lowers the status of Jesus in the eyes of Christians - the only begotten son of God need not have any master, he is born a master and he is born with the message. So although it is mentioned - it is just a mention that John the Baptist initiated Jesus.

But it is ugly that they will not talk much about the master of their master. They make so much fuss about the crucifixion of Jesus. Their whole religion depends on the crucifixion of Jesus; if he was not crucified there would have been no Christianity at all. But they don’t talk about the fact that John the Baptist also was beheaded.

Neither do the Jews take any note that the man was murdered. They were happy about it because he was declaring the death of the old.

Nor are the Christians interested in him because he was not a Christian. He initiated Jesus into Judaism, not into Christianity.

And the man must have had a tremendous charisma, that even a man like Jesus felt to become his disciple.

Thousands of people were baptized by John. He must have had a great magic around him, and at the same time he was a very humble man - because he did not declare himself to be the messiah. That point has to be remembered. A tremendous beauty.he has every characteristic to call himself a messiah. He influenced more people than Jesus.

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