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Chapter 21: Science Has to Be Religious

He must have been really macho, because he says every husband has a duty once in a while to beat the wife. Find any excuse and beat her to keep her in her place, to prove to the children that she is weaker and the father is the strong man. Five thousand years ago, Manu was creating a father figure in the child.

When the child grows up he starts suspecting and doubting that his father knows all. And he is right. He starts finding that his father is not infallible, that he commits mistakes, that he is not the strongest person because there are many people that are far stronger than him.

Up to now he has trusted in the father and he was at ease. Now a great dis-ease arises in him. He has become dependent on a father figure for protection. He needs a father who is all-powerful, present everywhere, who knows everything.

This is the root cause of the projection of God - whether as man or woman doesn’t matter; whoever is powerful here the child will project one day. And the priest has been exploiting this situation. He becomes a mediator. He says God is far away, and to know God needs tremendous discipline, hard effort, continuous prayer, so only a very few people who can go through all those austerities come close to God. They have a direct communication line to God.

You will be surprised that here in America, in the twentieth century, there is a sect of Christians, the Mormons.. They believe - and they are educated, very efficient in every way, but they believe that their leader has a direct telephone line. God gives the message to the leader and the leader gives the message to the people; it cannot be disobeyed. And it is believed!

In Wasco county there were three judges who decided the legality and the incorporation of Rajneeshpuram as a city. Two were in favor, one was not in favor, but he was a minority; hence Rajneeshpuram became an incorporated city - legally, constitutionally.

But of those two judges one was a Mormon. As Rajneeshpuram became a legal city the leader of the Mormons received an immediate urgent call from God that this judge has to resign and go to Nigeria to spread the message of Christianity.

And you won’t believe it - the man resigned! He is a judge, but if God orders and sends him to Nigeria - which is the worst place in the world to go.In Nigeria there are still cannibals. This poor fellow is sent to Nigeria to convert people to Christianity.

This is not God’s message! And out of all the Mormons in America, this poor fellow is chosen. It is a message from the White House, not from God. It is politics, not religion.

But religions can exploit in this way because man has a weakness: dependence. As he becomes a young man, he finds that the people he was dependent upon are just as weak, as unintelligent, as anyone else. Now he feels a vacuum and that vacuum, frightens him. Up to now he was confident, he had a certain strength. Now all strength disappears, all confidence disappears. He is almost on the point of a nervous breakdown!

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