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Chapter 30: The Slavery of Marriage

He said, “Don’t tell anybody, perhaps it is what people call God. I am not worthy of it, but what I have seen has shaken me from the very roots. I am a totally different man. I don’t see myself continuous with my past; suddenly a new man, a rebirth.”

It was his wife who became the first Mohammedan. She touched his feet, and she said, “You don’t be worried. You don’t understand because you are not educated. You are so innocent that you are not aware of your worth, of your sincerity, of your truthfulness, of your honesty. God has chosen you for the same reason that I have chosen you. And initiate me to be your first disciple. Don’t say no just because I am rich and old, and I am your wife - and before that I had been your master, your boss. Don’t say no, just accept me. And many more will be coming, but don’t let me miss the chance to be the first Mohammedan. Love has its own ways, truth has its own ways, sincerity has its own ways.”

She was his first convert, although he himself was not yet certain what had happened; it was too much for him, too overwhelming, beyond his capacities of understanding. But that woman was well-educated, well-cultured, and she spread the message of Mohammed in the beginning days of Islam.

And when people saw that she had become a convert.it was a rare thing that a woman became a convert by her own husband. First, it was a shock to the people that an educated, a super-rich woman, had fallen in love with one of her servants - uneducated, almost a beggar. And now, a second surprise: that she had become a convert to the servant.

It all depends on you. In life never throw responsibilities on others. If you are sincere and your rebelliousness has your heartbeat in it, then nobody can prevent you; particularly those who are close to you will be the first to join hands with you.

But love is needed - and not ordinary love, but the love that I talk about.

A wild and daring pilot was selling rides in his open cockpit biplane. A Scotsman asked him if he would give him and his wife a ride for the price of one. The pilot agreed to do so on one condition:

“I will take you both up for the price of one, if you promise not to utter a sound. One peep, and I will double the price,” the pilot said.

They climbed aboard, and the plane took off. The pilot executed some death-defying stunts, but the Scotsman and his wife remained totally silent. Finally the pilot gave up and landed the plane. “I don’t believe it,” the pilot called back as he taxied the plane to a halt. “You are a very brave man.”

“Thank you,” the Scot replied, “but I can’t deny there was a time when you almost had me.”

“When was that?” asked the pilot.

“When my wife fell out,” replied the Scotsman.

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