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Chapter 11: I Have to Be Offensive to Wake You Up!

Your idea must be that if I am not offensive, if I am not outrageous in my statements, if I don’t criticize those who are in power - politically or economically - then my message will spread more easily.

You are wrong.

The whole of the world’s media is interested in something sensational. They are not interested in the softer values of life. It is said that a good man has no life - as far as reporting about the good man is concerned, he has no life. At the most you can say he is a good man, but life? Where will you find it in a good man?

It is a very ancient part of wisdom that you cannot write a novel or a drama around the life of a good man, and even if you write it you will have to print it yourself. And it is not going to be a best seller, it will be a no-seller! It will have its uniqueness.but you will be in constant trouble - what to write? A good man is just good man, tastes good. It is the bad man who has a life. He is colorful, he is not monotonous. You can enter into his life and you will find surprises upon surprises; a great story is possible.

If I speak softly, very lovingly, it will be impossible to reach within just few years to every nook and corner of the world.

I have my own method, and I know how to turn the tide at any moment.

It is just a question of turning the switch.

First let me create a good number of enemies - which I am successfully doing! - and you will see for yourself: these same enemies will turn into friends. I just have to go on creating enemies for a few days more. Once I have touched your heart - right or wrong, it does not matter - then it is a very simple phenomenon to change anything.

Those who are behaving as enemies have already become emotionally attached to me. Just the other day I received a message from Oregon that Oregon is missing me very much.because who has ever heard the name of Oregon? But for five years Oregon was international news.

I was a tourist in America and my visa had expired long before, so I was illegally there - kept by the government! The illegality goes to the government, because I was asking them: “Either you extend my visa or you say no. If you say no I am going to court - on what grounds can you deny me?”

So they were in a puzzle: they could not say no, because once they have said no their power would be gone. Now the power would be in the hands of a court where they would be a party, and they would have to prove why they had been harassing me for two years continuously. And they could not say yes because the president wanted me and my commune to be destroyed. The attorney general of America wanted my commune to be completely destroyed. America’s richest man, Rockefeller, wanted me to leave America. The archbishop of America was certainly after the president continuously.

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