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Chapter 1: The Anguish of Contemporary Man

So we should reflect and then we should again have a camp in which people from all over the country can gather. It is also necessary for them all to meet each other; it is necessary that they become acquainted with each other. They are doing the work in their areas. Your cooperation and encouragement are necessary for their work. They shouldn’t feel alone there. They should feel that there are also more friends all over the country, that they are not standing all alone somewhere, that they have fellow travelers, and that if there was ever a need they would all be with them, to give advice, or if there was work to be done, they would come and help.

Recently, friends in Rajkot told me that they want to take my message to those cities and places where I have not yet been. And they want to create a base there so that I can go there. It has become necessary. When I go to a new city, a few hundred or a few thousand people get to hear me. If some preparatory work was done beforehand, ten thousand people, fifty thousand people could hear me.

Friends at different places come up with different suggestions. Their suggestions are very significant, very useful. All those friends can meet to consider the situation. This meeting will become the basis for that to happen. So right now I will not say anything more. From tomorrow morning we will begin to discuss the details. And bear in mind that you have not come here to listen to me. This is not a gathering for my discourses. I have talked as much as I have so that you can also speak. I have not been giving a speech; it has been just to encourage you to think and discuss. And the idea is that in these two days we come to some conclusions thinking and contemplating collectively, so that we can move ahead based on firm decisions, which will in turn get some work done.