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Chapter 26: Because of Love, We Are Together

The first question:

Can you give me a message to take to the Western world so that people there might understand you and your followers?

My message is very simple. That’s why it is difficult to understand. I teach the obvious, it is not complex at all. Because it is not complex there is nothing much to understand in it. It has to be lived, experienced. My message is not verbal, logical, rational. It is existential. So those who want to understand it intellectually will only misunderstand it.

Still, there are a few fundamentals I would like to tell you. One: up to now man has lived only half-heartedly. In the East, in the West, man has remained lopsided. Neither has the Eastern man been whole nor has the Western man been whole. The West has chosen the body, is body-oriented; the East has chosen the soul, is soul-oriented; and man is both, a great harmony of both. Man is both and a transcendence. Neither in the East nor in the West has man been accepted totally. We have not yet dared to accept man in his totality.

That is one of the most fundamental things I want everybody to understand about my teaching: I teach the whole man. The very idea of East and West is nonsense. That too is because of the ancient division. All divisions have to be dissolved. I teach one world.

East and West have to disappear. Both are schizophrenic. The West is right-handed, the East is left-handed; the West is active, the East is passive; the West is extrovert, the East is introvert - but man is both and beyond both.

To be total, one has to be as capable of being extrovert as of being introvert. To be total, one has to be capable of breathing out and breathing in. Inhalation is as much needed as exhalation. In fact, they are not two: exhalation-inhalation is one process.

The West has chosen the outside world - matter - has become very scientific, has created great technology, but man is crushed underneath that technology because man has not grown simultaneously. Man is lagging far behind, science has gone far ahead, and the science that man has created is now destroying man himself.

Man’s inner world has remained poor in the West, man is spiritually starved in the West. And the same has happened in the East from the other extreme: man has completely denied his body, his world. The East has insisted on denying all that is outside you, renouncing the manifested world and just going in, remaining at your center. The East is spiritually rich but materially very poor and starved. The East has suffered, the West has suffered.

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