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Chapter 17: I Am This!

.And we have again tried to enliven this wonderful teaching, this experiencing and this spiritual technique within ourselves. We have again stimulated the flame by moving the wick.

After going from here, continue to stimulate this flame. One day that moment will definitely come in your life when you will also be able to say, I had seen the world just now, where has it gone?.Does it simply not exist? And the day this will be experienced by you, you will also be able to say, “I am God myself, I am the eternal godliness, I am infinite, I am bliss, I am Brahman.”

As long as this has not happened within you, what use is this message of nirvana, what use is this essence of the Vedas? And until then, though this Upanishad ends here, it has not ended for you.

May there be a day when you can also say, “The teachings of the Upanishad end here for me.”

Enough for today.