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Chapter 7: Not Faith, but Fear

Constantine saw Jesus as a failed messiah, with himself as the real messiah - and his view was ratified by the famous Christian bishop, Eusebius of Caesarea, who said, “It is as if the religion of Abraham is at last fulfilled, not in Jesus, but in Constantine.”

Constantine imposed himself as the real last prophet for whom the Jews had been waiting. Of course, the Jews could not crucify the emperor of Rome. And the Christians wanted some royal support; otherwise they were being crucified everywhere. They found a shelter in Constantine, but it was a bargain, purely business. They accepted that Jesus was a failed messiah, and that Constantine was the real messiah.

But this is not told to the public! Christians are not aware of it. All these scriptures are hidden under the Vatican.

I say unto you that Christianity is one of the most untruthful religions in the world. It is a disease, a sickness, a pathology, a poison. It has not been helpful to humanity in finding the truth in any sense. It has been trying to propagate lies so continuously that they have almost become truth.

You must have all celebrated Christmas. Have you ever thought that this is not the birth of Jesus? You never remember Jesus on the sixth of January..

I have been thinking that we should start here a celebration for poor Jesus on the sixth of January every year. That is defending the truth. So please remind me when the sixth of January comes, because I have no sense of time at all. I don’t know what day it is today, and I don’t care. So when the sixth of January comes, please remind me. We will celebrate. At least after two thousand years Jesus will have a real birthday celebration!

The Bible says, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” I also teach you no judgment, but that does not mean what the Bible says. “Judge ye not” - but there is a reason for not judging - “so that ye be not judged.” It is pure business.

When I say don’t judge, you are not going to be rewarded for it. In the very act of not judging you are rewarded: such peace.

People who are judgmental are grumpy, always have grudges against everybody, nobody seems to be right. They go on looking at the negative side of everybody, the darker side. They may look at a rosebush but they will not look at the roses, they will count the thorns.

I say to you: Don’t judge, because you don’t know yourself, so how can you know anybody else? And every judgment is about a certain action. A man may have stolen something, and you judge that man as a thief. The whole man is judged, his whole life is judged by a single act. You don’t go deeper into the act. The man may be dying of starvation, his mother may be dying of starvation - and if he has stolen a little food from people who are suffering from being overweight, he has helped them.

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