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Chapter 21: Occult Depths of Kundalini and Spirituality

In order not to appear mad in the society, siddhasana, padmasana and other sitting postures were practiced intensely so that the body would be under complete control. Then the meditator would not look mad to the world. Now the sitting postures of padmasana, sukhasana and siddhasana are such that they cause your legs to become stiff. Your weight is greater near the ground while away from the ground it becomes less. Your bottom becomes heavy like a temple or a pyramid: broad at the bottom, narrow at the top. Then the possibility of movement is minimal, almost nil.

Maximum movement is possible when you stand - when there is nothing to restrict you. When you cross your legs and sit you form an immovable base. A large part of your body is fixed by gravity which then holds it. Then you place your hands in such a way that the possibility for movement is minimized. The spine too is kept straight and fixed. Before you would be allowed to go into meditation this type of asana had first to be perfected over a long practice period.

According to my approach it is just the opposite. In my viewpoint there is not much fundamental difference between us and those who are mad. We are all suppressed madmen; ours is a suppressed insanity. You can say that we are insane in a normal way. There is so much in common between us and the truly insane: those who go a little further in their insanity find themselves in trouble, but insanity lies within all of us and it tries to find its own outlets.

When you are angry you are temporarily in madness. At such a time you do things you would never dream of doing when you are conscious. You shout abuses, throw stones, break furniture. You can even jump from the roof - you can do anything. If an insane person does these things we can understand, but when a “normal” person does them we merely say that he was angry. Now this was the same normal man, and if these things were not within him they would not have come out. All this is inside of us and we are all guarding it. My understanding is that before going into meditation it is necessary that all this should be thrown out from within. The more you are relieved of this insanity, the lighter your mind will be.

Therefore, whereas the old method of siddhasana took years to yield results, this new method performs the same task in a few months. The old method took many births for its fulfillment; this one may take only months. The inner madness has to be released, but in the old method the catharsis was carried out in the etheric body instead of the physical. Now this is something altogether different, because laughing, crying, dancing, all this and more are within you, and it is absolutely necessary that this should come out.

If you have trained your physical body extensively to be absolutely still for hours on end, then you will carry out the catharsis through your etheric body. Then it will not be visible to others but only to you. You have now protected yourself from society; now no one will know when you dance or sing as you will only do so within. This dancing and singing will be as if in a dream. You will dance within, cry within, laugh within, but your physical body will give no evidence of what is happening inside you. It will sit still with not a trace of the inner events.

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