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Chapter 7: The Sacred Explosion

Existence cannot be conquered: you can only allow yourself to be conquered by existence. Don’t be aggressive with truth - that is the sure way to miss it. That’s why science goes on missing God, and will go on missing, unless it takes Tao as its foundation. It will go on missing.

Science will never come to know that the divine exists; it will not have even a glimpse of it. And the reason is in its masculine methodology. Science is aggressive; its whole effort is to conquer nature. In that very idea of conquering, conquest, it has made it clear that God will not be available to it. Its very methodology has prevented God from exposing himself, from revealing himself.

Religion comes to know about God - but the way of religion is just the opposite of the way of science. Science is aggressive, masculine; in a subtle way, rapist. Science rapes nature, religion teaches you how to love.

And remember, from the outside, rape and love may look alike. The act may look similar. But it is not the same; it is totally opposite, diametrically opposite. The act of rape has nothing of love in it, and the act of love has nothing of rape in it. So don’t be deceived by appearances.

And we all have been trained in the ways of science; that has become our conditioning. That is one of the greatest problems humanity is facing today: we have lost all track of religious approaches, and we have become so much attuned to the scientific method that we go on trying the same method in the world, in the dimension of religion. It is inapplicable there, it is utterly inadequate there, but we cling to the method.

And anybody who clings to any method whatsoever is not a seeker of truth. The method is not the goal, one need not cling to the method; one has to search for the right method. And if some method is not working, drop it!

If science is not revealing the whole to you, that simply means that the method is inapplicable there. Somewhere the sword is needed, and somewhere else just a needle will do. Where a needle is needed, please don’t use the sword.

It is reported in the life of a great Sufi mystic, Farid, that a king came to see him. He had brought a present for him: a beautiful pair of scissors, golden, studded with diamonds - very valuable, very rare, something unique. He brought those scissors to present to Farid. He touched Farid’s feet and gave him the scissors. Farid took them, looked at them, gave them back to the king, and said, “Sir, many, many thanks for the present that you have brought. It is a beautiful thing, but utterly useless for me. It will be better if you can give me a needle. Scissors I don’t need, a needle will do.”

The king said, “I don’t understand. If you need a needle, you will need scissors too.”

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