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Chapter 8: Make the Two One

Meditate on these words of Jesus, and try what I have said. But if you want to try let me know. If you start working for the inner circle, then let me know continuously what is happening, because if something goes wrong and the two energies meet in a wrong way, you will go mad.

That’s the fear of becoming a sage: if you fall, you fall to the very bottom, you become mad. If you reach, you reach to the very top, you become a sage. It is always so. If someone wants to walk on the heights he has to have courage, because if you fall, you fall to the depths. Near the heights the abyss is always there.

So remember that a very balanced effort is needed, and many other things. If you want to work on it I will tell you, but that can only be done personally. That’s why Jesus talks about the goal, but never talks about the method. The method is to be given personally, it is an initiation.

Enough for today.