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Chapter 10: Neither This nor That

“And then after the whole day’s work when I come home, you are sitting here! I have earned only three rupees in the whole day, and we are almost starving. Now, who bothers whether God exists or not! And I don’t know at all. I only know how to worship, and I can worship any god - just give me the money.”

So please don’t think that all the priests. Not all the priests, only a few cunning ones are against God. They are worshippers of the Devil, they are the cause of very few people being able to become buddhas. But the other priests, ninety-nine percent of them, are just poor people not knowing what to do. Traditionally, knowing just one thing, they can beg. But they are high caste, so they beg with a method. That method is their ritual for worship.

A man sees signs on the highway saying “One mile to grandma’s cat-house.” Overcome by curiosity and surprise that anyone should have the nerve to advertise so plainly, he goes in.

An old lady admits him and snaps, “Two dollars, please, and you can go right through the door ahead of you at the end of the hall.”

He pays, goes through the door, which slams shut behind him, and finds himself out in the yard, which is full of wooden boxes with wire fronts, inside of which are some mangy cats. Overhead is a small hand-lettered sign: “You have now been screwed by grandma. Please do not tell the secret - I am just an old lady trying to make ends meet.”

Enough for today.