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Chapter 2: The Work of the Serpent

If there was no devil, there would have been no humanity, no Shakespeare, no Goethe, no Michelangelo, no Albert Einstein, no Moses, no Jesus, no Buddha. There would have been nothing, just animals moving around looking for grass or water.

Have you thought of the alternative?

Every credit goes to the devil. If you want to worship somebody, worship the devil. He is your real creator.

God has made you just out of mud, that’s why you are called human. The word human comes from humus. Humus means mud.

Not a very good job, not very respectful to human beings. God could have made you with something better - with gold, with diamonds, with emeralds, with rubies - nothing is impossible for God. Why make you out of humus?

And I always think that the humus was taken from the Big Muddy Ranch; otherwise, how could you create such a Big Muddy Ranch?

You were not really created, man and woman, by God. He created only animals. The transformation came through the devil. And you have to know that the word devil is not bad. It comes from the same Sanskrit root as divine. Devil means divine. Nobody knows what God means.

I was reading the book, Waiting For Godot, and I thought “Godot” looks like “God” - but in what language is God called Godot? So I inquired of Haridas, because I suspected it must be German. And Haridas said, “No. In German we call God, ‘Gott!’”

Strange, nobody has got him, and Germans call him Gott! He has never been found anywhere. But Germans are strange people. They may have “gott” him. That’s why nobody else can get him. And if ever they got him, they must have put him with the Jews in the gas chamber, because God is a Jew! The biblical God is bound to be a Jew.

So now I know. He is no more there, just holy smoke.