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Chapter 26: Wordlessness

All your senses are under the impact of your biology, physiology, your hormones, your chemistry, and your whole life is surrounded by all kinds of illusions. Only a man of realization sees things as they are.

You cannot see things as they are. You can only see things as you want to see them, or perhaps as your physiology, your biology, your chemistry makes you see them. Once a man goes beyond mind, he goes also beyond biology, beyond physiology: these are all parts of his mind.

Knowing the light of the beyond, knowing the truth and being the truth and merging with one organic whole - all this will happen inside you. Nobody else will know about it, but suddenly your perception of the world will change. Your ambitions for power will disappear; your ambitions for money will disappear; your delusions about beauty will disappear. You will see beauty in a totally different way. You will see life not as surrounded by death.

This whole world will remain the same, but for you, it will not be the same anymore, because you have changed. Your change, your transformation is going to transform the whole world. You will see things in a new light.

There will be no attachment; there will be no desire to grab; there will be no greed; there will be no jealousy. And when all these poisons are no more there, your life is going to be a life of immense grace, of tremendous joy.full of a light which will start radiating from you, which will be felt by those who are receptive to it. It may trigger the same experience in others. It can become a chain reaction.

That’s how it has been going on from masters to disciples. It is not transferred through words; it is transferred through presence, through energy. All that is needed on the part of the disciple is an open heart, with no expectations, with no prejudices - just a simple, silent, open heart. And if the master is a man of enlightenment, his fire can start your own inner flame; his fire can make you afire, aflame.

That’s how light has been transferred, truth has been transferred, from masters to disciples down the ages. They have been speaking, but their speaking was only a net to catch hold of your minds. Your minds need words, and if they can catch hold of your minds, then there is every possibility you will start coming closer and closer. Then without your being aware of it, any moment the fire from the heart of the master can jump into you. Then it will be too late, you cannot do anything. It has happened.

Now, all you can do is allow the fire to jump into others. There is no way to escape from this fire, because in fact it is your own fire; it was just repressed with mountains of rubbish. Because you trust, because you love, because you have a certain faith and you open your heart without any fear, the master’s fire can burn all your rubbish, and your own fire can start being the way it has to be.