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Chapter 16: God: The Greatest Fiction

If by some mistake you cut your hand and blood starts coming, what is happening to your inner chemistry? From all over your body white cells immediately start rushing toward this point. A certain communication exists inside: that there is trouble, too much blood should not go out, so blood cells have to move and make a layer there to stop the blood from moving out. These blood cells are intelligent people - in fact, far more intelligent than you may be. And they do their work fast and absolutely correctly, in the right way, never making a mistake.

And thousands of processes are going on in the body continuously. It is a self-renewing life. There is no fixed time for it; science can manage very easily for man to live three hundred, five hundred, one thousand years. And naturally, if you can live one thousand years, then wisdom will go on and on growing. It is an accumulative process. And by that very possibility of man living longer, new doors of knowledge will open, which will in their turn make your life even longer.

This story is beautiful; I have always loved it. But it has been used wrongly, it has been misused. It has been used to prove to you that you are the by-product of Adam and Eve’s original sin. So you are born in original sin, your very birth is in sin; you are a by-product of it. The only way is to become obedient to God. That is the message of this story. If you want to get back into the Garden of Eden, be obedient to God. Believe, have faith, never doubt. Then God will welcome you back, accept you back.

But do you want to go back to the Garden of Eden, and become again Adam and Eve? At least I refuse to go there - because I cannot fulfill that idiotic condition. But millions of people are trying to fulfill it. Christians, Mohammedans, Hindus - everybody is trying to fulfill it, to get back, to undo what Adam and Eve and the serpent have done.

To my people I say, we are not to undo it. They have done a great revolution. We have to go even further and explore more, and know more.

We have not to leave any nook and corner of existence and of our being unknown, in darkness. We have to bring light everywhere. And unless that happens you will be in misery, you will be in anguish. Your beliefs are not going to help; your faith is not going to help. And that Garden of Eden is just a fiction. It exists nowhere.except in the neurotic minds, psychotic minds, things like that exist. And this story is based on, and only on, a single point - and that is obedience or disobedience.

I teach you disobedience. Obedience needs nothing - no intelligence, no guts. Obedience needs nothing. Disobedience needs everything, because you are going to be on your own. And unless you are on your own, you will never be able to know who you are.