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Chapter 7: No Dialogue, No Monologue - Yaa-Hoo!

But in the history of Greece, Socrates was the first man to at least indicate towards the ultimate truth of knowing oneself. But he could not devise methods and strategies through which one can reach to oneself. He could not find a way for the pilgrims, for the seekers. He remained a philosopher. He could not become the enlightened, the awakened, the buddha. It is unfortunate that such a great, intelligent man, a giant of the whole of history, wasted his whole life discussing with all kinds of people.

My own understanding is that he was crucified not because he was doing anything harmful people were bored, he was harassing people. Dialogue, that is what killed him. It is said that people would see him and change their routes, because even to meet him meant the beginning of a dialogue. Say something and immediately that becomes a question, and he will go to the deepest roots of the problem. “But,” you say, “we are going to the market and this is not the time to understand these great things that you are talking about! Sometime when we have time we will come.”

Athens became so bored that this old man had to be somehow got rid of. He has not committed any crime, but he has corrupted many people’s minds, puzzled their minds, confused their minds. They were living peacefully with the consolation that there is a God, and he has created suspicion. He creates doubt in people’s minds about everything. He even says, “What is the proof that the world exists? Can you prove it? What is the proof that you are real?”

Very difficult. Who knows whether you are real, or just some character in somebody’s dream?

One Egyptian pharaoh had ordered in Egypt that “I want everybody to know that nobody should come into my dream, because I don’t want any disturbance in the night. The day is enough; the night is absolutely mine. If anybody comes, soon the next day he will be shot dead.”

People became very afraid. “This is a strange thing; nobody goes into anybody’s dream.” His ministers tried to convince him: “This is not right! And most probably we are the people who will come into your dream. But we are not coming; you are dreaming about us.”

He said, “Don’t befool me. When somebody comes into my dream I will recognize the face and you will see tomorrow that he is hanging on a post outside the gate.”

The ministers said, “We want to resign, because to be close to you is dangerous!”

You don’t dream about people you have not known. Eskimos don’t come into your dreams. In your dreams the neighbor’s wife comes. Certainly your wife never comes into your dreams. I have never come across a man who says that his wife comes into his dreams. But neighbors’ wives are very dangerous, they always harass people all around. Perhaps your own wife will be harassing other neighbors, that’s another matter.

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