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Chapter 23: Mind Is a Kind of Insanity

I know about one man who was jumping up all the time before the TV set, and finally he took up the TV set and crashed it into the wall. I said, “What happened?”

He said, “My team lost the game.”

I said, “Why destroy the TV set?”

He said, “I had to do something.”

Everybody, if he watches himself, is doing something crazy just to avoid going nuts. You can hold only so much.

One California university has studied, for a year, the results of football matches, boxing matches.what they do to the public minds. Crimes rise fourteen percent; there are more murders, more rapes, more thefts - in every direction, all crimes start rising immediately. And this fourteen percent increase remains stable for almost one week after the match is finished. What has the match done to the people’s minds?

And can you think this society is sane? - which has boxing matches where two persons are being almost barbarous to each other, hitting on their noses, blood coming out. And thousands and thousands of people are watching so attentively, breathlessly - as if something great is happening - shouting madly, starting to fight amongst themselves. If somebody is shouting against your favorite, immediately fights break out amongst the spectators. And why do we have such ugly games?

We know that everybody condemns the Romans who used to throw human beings, the criminals, before the hungry lions. And thousands of civilized Romans, aristocrats, used to watch it. It was in Rome that great stadiums were first created. The reason for creating those stadiums was to watch hungry lions killing poor criminals. Is there any way to call these people civilized, cultured? Is there not some psychological background behind it? Are they not enjoying something which is unworthy of any human being? Are they not identifying themselves with the lion and enjoying a good meal?

And Roman culture was at its pinnacle; even the emperor and his wife, the prince and the whole royal family used to come to see - to them it was a game. But we are not different either. In Spain they are enjoying bullfights. They raise bulls, and then human beings are fighting those bulls; most of the animals get killed or at least badly hurt. And what are these thousands of people doing?.leaving all work aside, nothing is more important than to see the bullfight.

People who can afford it come from all over the world to Spain to see these bullfights; and boxing is just as barbarous. These are our ways of releasing our craziness in installments so it does not get accumulated to a point where we are no more in control, where it becomes the master and we are in its control. That becomes madness, the difference is only of degree.

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