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Chapter 1: Spiritual Hedonism

If you don’t give sufficient water to a tree, if you don’t give sufficient manure, food, to a tree, the tree may remain there, but flowers will not come. Because flowers only come when the tree has energy to spare. Flowers are a luxury. When the tree has enough, more than enough, and it wants to share, then flowers come and the fragrance is released. That is the tree enjoying energy - too much of it. It would like to share it with the world. But when you don’t have enough, how can you share? The tree may live, but it will not be really green. It will be almost dying, always on the verge of death.

People have learned the trick: that if you fast you can live life at the minimum. Then there is less danger. Anger will not be possible, because anger needs energy. Love will not be possible; love needs energy. Joy will not be possible; joy needs energy. Life is a play of energy. Everything needs energy. So if you live at the minimum you are just alive enough, and death is always at hand.

Remember: the kingdom of God is at hand only when you live maximally, when you live an optimal life, when you live at the peak. Then the kingdom of God is at hand. Those who are living at the minimum are suicidal people. They are not courageous enough - otherwise they would commit suicide in a second. They are cowards, committing suicide slowly, poisoning themselves very slowly. They will live, and they will not live at all.

John the Baptist and his disciples were ascetics. They lived at the minimum. Jesus was thought by his brother-disciples, because he was also a disciple of John the Baptist, to be a traitor: “He has betrayed the master” because he started moving in a totally different dimension. He became the source of an alive religion. He started celebrating.

That real Jesus is completely lost in the desert of Christian theology. He is completely lost. In the rubbish that Christian theology goes on producing in great quantity, the real gospel is completely lost and forgotten. The message of the man was to delight - because only that can be a prayer and gratefulness to God. Life should be a feast and not a fast.

Why do we and the Pharisees fast oft,
but thy disciples fast not?

And Jesus said unto them,
“Can the children
of the bride-chamber mourn,
as long as the bridegroom
is with them?
But the days will come,
when the bridegroom
shall be taken from them,
and then shall they fast.”

It is a very pregnant sutra. He is saying: “When the bridegroom is there, can the children of the bride-chamber mourn?” That will look absolutely foolish, absurd, neurotic. When the bridegroom is in the house, there is no question of mourning and fasting and being sad. The children of the bride-chamber will dance, feast and enjoy. The bridegroom is with them.

“But the days will come,
when the bridegroom
shall be taken away from them,
and then shall they fast.”

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