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Chapter 14: Beyond Science Is Knowing

Man starts by doing meditation, but ends by meditation happening. Unless meditation becomes just like breathing - you don’t have to do it - you are still immature, a beginner. When meditation becomes like breathing you forget all about it. It is simply there; whatever you are doing becomes meditative, becomes peaceful, silent, loving. Everything that you do starts having a mystifying touch to it.

Small things - a flower, a dry, dead leaf on the grass - start having tremendous beauty. New colors, new spaces around you go on opening. But it is not your doing, because whatever you can do, will remain smaller than you. And anything smaller than you is not going to be the miraculous we are searching for.

It has to happen. All our efforts are simply a preparation for the miraculous to happen. We cannot cause the miraculous to happen; there is no cause-and-effect relationship. It is not that we will do certain things then the miraculous will happen to us, no. By doing certain things you are not creating any cause, you are simply removing a few hindrances which are blocking the way for the miraculous to shower on you. It is not a question of cause and effect.

And when the blocks are removed, you have simply to wait. That’s why the feeling is arising in you just to sit silently - doing nothing, the spring comes and the grass grows by itself.