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Chapter 8: The Real Magic

Yes, there are no miracles as such because the whole of life is miraculous. Your being here and nowhere else - is it not a miracle?

It is said that once Mulla Nasruddin was making love to a friend’s wife and suddenly the friend came in. The wife told Nasruddin, “Hide somewhere - my husband is coming! Be quick!”

Finding no other place, he went into the cupboard.

The husband came in. He saw the shoes of Nasruddin; he recognized them. He saw his clothes on the table; he recognized them. He saw the wife worried, embarrassed, naked. He asked, “Where is Mulla Nasruddin?”

The wife said, “I don’t know. He has not been here!”

And the husband was furious - as husbands are supposed to be. He ran all over the house, looked in every nook and corner, under the bed, in the bathroom, in the kitchen. And finally he opened the cupboard, and Nasruddin, utterly naked, was standing there.

The friend asked, “Why are you standing here?”

Nasruddin said, “That’s a great metaphysical question! One has to be somewhere. And I am not an expert in philosophical things. Now you are almost asking me, ‘Why do you exist?’ ‘Why are you here?’ you are asking me. This question can be asked any where; wherever I am somebody can ask, ‘Why are you here?’”

The man agreed. He said, “That’s right, the question is metaphysical.”

Why are you here? Why does this whole existence exist? Is it not tremendously mysterious, miraculous? And you are asking for small things. Those small things are all invented; they are small magic tricks - or those things exist only in stories.

I have heard a story that Jesus, Luke, John, all three were going to the boat that was in the middle of the lake. Luke walked over the water, then John also walked over the water; they both reached the boat. Then Jesus followed them and started sinking.

Luke said to John, “Should we tell him where the rocks are?”

And this story:

In a small town there was a lake whose waters were known to be miraculous. People came to the lake, dived into its waters and came out the other side cured.

“I have seen it all,” stated an old-timer of the town. “I have seen a blind man jump into the lake and emerge on the other side, yelling, ‘I can see! I can see!’”

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