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Chapter 2: So Far, So Good

And he has disappeared; I cannot see him here. Whenever he asks a question, he hides. Just the other day he was sitting in the first row, now he has disappeared.

You are all my girlfriends, boys included. But this will not satisfy him; he needs something esoteric. So for him especially - please, nobody else should listen to it, you close your ears. It is only especially for Swami Yoga Chinmaya, because an esoteric thing has to be very secret.

I had a girlfriend when I was young. Then she died. But on her deathbed she promised me she would come back. And I was afraid.. And she has come back. The name of the girlfriend was Shashi. She died in ‘47. She was the daughter of a certain doctor, Dr. Sharma, of my village. He is also dead now. And now she has come as Vivek.to take care of me. Vivek cannot remember it. I used to call Shashi “Gudiya,” and I have started calling Vivek “Gudiya” also, just to give a continuity.

Life is a great drama, a great play; it goes on from one life to another to another.

This is especially for Chinmaya - I hope nobody else has heard it.

And the really, really last one:

I have heard that when you walk your feet don’t touch the ground.
Have you something to say about it?

That’s true. When I walk, my feet don’t touch the ground - but there is nothing miraculous about it. They don’t touch the ground because I always wear shoes.

If it does not satisfy you - because you would like your master to be a great miracle-maker - then just to satisfy you, I would like to say that those shoes are of awareness, and if you also wear the shoes of awareness, your feet will not touch the ground. It is simple, it is not miraculous.

And you have asked, “Have you something to say about it?” That is dangerous. The time is over. I have nothing to say about it, but if I have to say, it takes ninety minutes.and the time is over, and my bladder is full, and I would like to go to the bathroom. Excuse me.

Enough for today.