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Chapter 31: Discarding the Container, Discovering the Content

He said, “I promise that I will not talk, but you also have to promise me one thing.”

I said, “What is it?”

He said, “You will have to promise me that once in a while I can come with a bottle of water and you will touch it.”

I said, “What you are going to do with it?”

He said, “I will not say anything to anybody about you. But if the miracle happens and my stomachache disappears, there are many people who are suffering. I can distribute the water. But I promise I will not talk.”

So I said, “Okay, it is a promise. But don’t bring anybody here.”

I gave him a glass of water, and as he drank the water - just drinking it - you could see his face changing. And he said, “My God! the pain has gone.”

My friend’s wife was standing behind me. She said, “You did it!”

I said, “I have not done it - and remember that you are not to talk about it to anybody.”

She said, “I may not talk, but everybody in the house knows - everybody is hiding, all the children are there. Now,” she said, “if this was going to happen, why did you waste one hour?”

I said, “Without wasting that hour, the water wouldn’t have helped. It was not the water; it was my insistence that I wouldn’t give it to him. He became more and more convinced that the water was going to work. And when I told him that he had to promise not to talk to anybody, he was absolutely convinced that the miracle was going to happen.”

He started distributing the water.

And people told me, even Dr. Barat told me, “It is strange. You cured my patient and now he is curing my patients. I was thinking I was finished with him - now he comes with a bottle into my dispensary. He sits there and says, ‘Don’t bother about this medicine, it won’t help. Take the miraculous water.’ That young man seems to be my enemy from a past life. And he has cured a few of my patients.”

Seventy percent of sick people are only sick in their minds; they don’t have a real sickness. Hence it has been found that all “pathies” - allopathy, ayurveda, yunani, naturopathy, homeopathy - they all succeed in seventy percent of cases. In seventy percent of cases anybody can do miracles, one just has to make the right arrangement so that the mind is convinced that the miracle is going to happen. It is simply a conditioning that you are unworthy. Nobody is unworthy. Existence does not produce people who are unworthy.

Existence is not unintelligent. If existence produces so many unworthy people, then the whole responsibility goes to existence. Then it can be definitely concluded that existence is not intelligent, that there is no intelligence behind it; that it is an unintelligent, accidental materialist phenomenon and there is no consciousness in it.

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