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Chapter 30: A Little More Courage, a Little More Love

Every person has the potential, but you have been diverted into looking for God outside yourself - and He is sitting inside you. All the priests of the world are against God, because once you know that God is within you, the whole profession of the priesthood is finished. Churches will be empty, mosques will be empty, temples and synagogues will be empty, and the whole politics of numbers and the power that it brings to the priests will be gone.

You are only an individual without any adjective.

The world will be immensely beautiful if there are only individuals, not belonging to any religion or any political ideology, but belonging to their own inner self. That’s enough, more than enough. Belonging to life itself is the only true religion, the only truth that has to be discovered. And it is not far away, just a little fear has to be dropped.

And if you go on trying, as you will become acquainted with the beauties of nothingness, the fear is going to disappear automatically. You have accidentally found the right path - now don’t lose it. Don’t become again a Catholic. Keep the eye open.

A few months ago, I experienced for the first time in my life that you are not. I saw the perfect mirror. It appeared to me that even the physical universe is just an idea; there are no words to describe the nightmare. Only one sentence crushed through my head: “He kills us! He kills us!” Your presence in all of my friends is an immense help to focus my energy into the heart. Simultaneously I started to go through the fear in my daily life, but it seems as if there is no end. I’m not sure anymore whether this is the right way. Would you please comment?

The way is right, but you are not right - you are in utter confusion. And if you are not right, even the right way cannot help.

Just look at your question and you will understand what I mean - that you are in utter confusion. “A few months ago I experienced for the first time in my life that you are not.” That is perfectly true. “I saw the perfect mirror.” I have been repeating to you continually that I am only a mirror. So if a donkey looks into me, he finds a donkey; if a monkey looks into me, he finds a monkey; and if a Yankee looks into me, he finds a Yankee.

People become angry, annoyed, not knowing that they are being annoyed with their own faces. And even those faces are not authentic, they are masks; they are not originals.

I have heard about one ugly woman who used to destroy any mirror anywhere the moment she would see it. And her logic was very clear - “The mirror makes me ugly; otherwise I am perfectly okay.”

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