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Chapter 12: The Golden Mean

What are you doing and why? How is it different from what we are doing and why?

I am not doing anything at all. I am not interested in any goal, in any plan, in any future. I am simply living moment to moment, spontaneously.

Just as the flowers are there in the garden, doing nothing, just being there, or as the stars are in the sky, doing nothing, just being there, I am here. But there is no why and no what, simply because I don’t even think of the coming moment.

Whatever happens I allow it to happen.

You think I am speaking to you. As far as I am concerned, whatever comes to me I allow it to be spoken. I am just a mirror - a mirror does nothing.

In language it seems as if a mirror also is doing something - it reflects. Linguistically, reflection is an action - but the mirror is not doing anything.

When you are in front of the mirror, it reflects you. When you have moved, the reflection disappears. The mirror is simply there, whatever comes in front of it is reflected in it.

That’s why it is almost impossible for me to speak to you unless you ask a question - because I don’t have anything to say. Your question becomes a provocation to my consciousness. It is reflected, echoed, and goes back to you, but it is not my doing.

What you are doing and why you are doing - how can I manage to know? That is your business, your problem. I can say about myself, and perhaps this is the difference: I know about myself, and you don’t know about yourself. You are doing things and you don’t know why you are doing them, what you are doing..

You are living in darkness, in ignorance, in blindness. I know exactly that I am not doing anything. On my own I am just an empty mirror. If you want something to be echoed, you come in front of me, you ask a question. If some answer arises it is a simple happening - not a doing.

Just as water flows downwards, the sun rises, the birds start singing and the flowers start opening. The sun is not doing anything. It is not knocking on each bird’s nest - “Get up and start singing.” Just the presence of the sun - and something happens all over existence. Life starts awakening, responding.

I am simply a presence.

You can draw as much as you want.

It all depends on your questions, your quest, your inquiry. I have to drop a few of your questions just because I don’t want anybody to look silly asking a question which is stupid.

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