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Chapter 4: Reflections in a Mirror

Howsoever deep the reflections may go inside, they actually never penetrate. Nothing has ever gone inside you, it cannot. It only appears to be going within because there is a mirror within. Our consciousness is a mirror, the purest mirror, so pure that.. Because no matter how pure glass may be, it is still glass; that much matter is there. But the purest consciousness.!

Even if we make a mirror out of air, that too won’t be as pure as the mirror of consciousness. If we make a mirror of air, and something is reflected in it, we will set out in search of that reflection through the mirror, because the mirror will not obstruct us in any way. It is a mirror of air; you will just go through it.

The mirror of consciousness is much purer, because consciousness is the subtlest phenomenon in the world. It is the subtlest energy. The whole world is reflected in it.

The seer says, “O innocent one! Just as reflections are seen in a mirror so does the world appear within you. Knowing this - recognizing that ‘I am Brahman,’ that ‘I am the mirror, not that which is reflected but that in which everything is reflected’ - be fulfilled.”

There simply is no fulfillment other than this. As long as one does not recognize the purity of one’s consciousness one is unfulfilled. He may go on doing anything, he may go on achieving anything, but all that achievement will be useless. All that is done will be undone; all running about will be as good as drawing lines on water - they disappear even before one has finished drawing them. One may go on drawing these lines again and again, but they will just go on disappearing.

At the end of life, at the moment of death, people who have been searching for reflections come to realize that they have been drawing lines on water. Everything disappears: all reputation, all positions, all wealth, all accumulations - everything disappears. It is discovered in the moment of death that it was all a great mistake, that one was drawing lines as though on granite but actually one was drawing lines on water. But it is only discovered when nothing can be done about it.

But if it can be known today, if it can be known now, then something is possible; drawing lines on water can come to an end. And a person who chooses to stop drawing lines on water enters a different world, a world in which nothing ever dies.

There is one world of death, there is another world of the deathless. Whosoever moves away from death attains to the deathless.

Enough for today.