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Chapter 10: Love Is Fragile like a Flower

This is the case with you. You look like God. I tell you: act like God! And sooner or later you will discover that just by acting, you have discovered the reality. Because in reality you arc already that; only you have forgotten it. So, if you start acting, the forgotten-nests will disappear. You will start remembering.

So, when you sit under a tree, sit like a Buddha. And don’t be afraid, and don’t be shy. Who is hindering you? And if you can sit like a Buddha, then why settle for less? When you play a flute, forget about yourself, play it like a Krishna. And I say to you: you are Krishna! And the flute is the same! Just you have to remember, and once you remember, immediately you will see the transformation - that now the song is not coming from you, it is coming from the beyond: you are no more in the way.

I have heard about Michaelangelo, that he used to use a device while working on his art pieces. Sometimes it would get dark; evening would come, and he would have to use candles. He would put the candles in a cup, because if you don’t put candles in a cup, then your own shadow falls between you and your work, and it creates a disturbance. So he would put the candles into a cup - then the cup protects; then his own shadow would not come between himself and his work, and he would not be disturbed.

This is what is happening to you. Your own shadow is coming between you and your reality. The day you realize that it is only a shadow, then there is no problem.

One of the greatest thinkers of the West, Jean-Paul Sartre, has a certain theory. It may not be absolutely true; it is not. But it moves in the right direction. Even for wrong reasons he moves in the right direction. He says that there are two types of philosophies in the world: one, the philosophy of being; and another, the philosophy of doing. He himself thinks that he belongs to the second, the philosophy of doing, because he says, “Being in itself is nothing.” Unless you do something, how can you be? When you paint, you become a painter; when you sing, you become a singer; when you dance, you become a dancer. If you don’t do anything, who are you? All identity is lost - you become empty, you are no more there. So, he says, do something; because only by doing will you be something.

Buddha belongs to the first philosophy. He says: just be. Realize, without doing, who you are. Buddha is perfectly right, but Sartre is not perfectly wrong. And I can feel that what Sartre is saying can lead to what Buddha is saying. It can become a technique.

Act like a Jesus, and suddenly, your being is revealed. That being can be known without action also; but then it is more difficult, almost impossible, because you don’t know where to look for a mirror. Without a mirror you cannot see your face. The face is there; you know it is there, but you cannot see without a mirror. The doing can become a mirror, and in the mirror the being can be revealed. Once it is revealed, you can forget about the mirror; you can throw the mirror away - there is no need for it.

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