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Chapter 1: Ambition

Part 1

These rules are written for all disciples: Attend you to them.

Before the eyes can see,
they must be incapable of tears.
Before the ear can hear,
it must have lost its sensitiveness.
Before the voice can speak
in the presence of the Masters,
it must have lost the power to wound.
Before the soul can stand
in the presence of the Masters,
its feet must be washed in the blood of the heart.

1. Kill out ambition.

Ambition is the first curse:
the great tempter of the man
who is rising above his fellows.
It is the simplest form of looking for reward.
Men of intelligence and power are led away from their higher possibilities by it continually.
Yet it is a necessary teacher.
Its results turn to dust and ashes in the mouth; like death and estrangement, it shows the man at last that to work for self
is to work for disappointment.

I called you and you have come. To come outwardly is very easy but until you also come to me inwardly, your outer coming or not coming does not have much meaning. One who can come outwardly, who has a thirst and longing, can also come from the inside too. The outer coming is a proof that you are searching, but that proof alone is not enough. It is an indication, and it is a good indication; it is necessary, but it is not enough. You have to come inwardly too. And before that inner journey can begin, it is necessary for you to understand a few things about yourself - because it is you who will make this journey. No one else can make this journey on your behalf. In this world, it is not possible to see with someone else’s eyes, nor is it possible to walk with someone else’s feet. Here, you have to die for yourself and you have to live for yourself. Here, nobody can take your place.

That is why it is necessary first of all to understand a few things about yourself - because if there is a misconception about that, then even a right path will take you to a wrong place. If you do not have the right understanding about yourself, you will turn even a right path into one that takes you to the wrong destination. And if you have a right understanding about yourself, then there is no path that will not take you to the right place. Even wrong paths can reach to the right destination; what is needed is the right traveler. It all depends on the traveler. It is not the path that takes the traveler to the destination, it is the traveler who reaches.

The path changes in accordance with you. As you are, so becomes the path. That is why there are no ready-made paths on which you can walk blindly.

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