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Chapter 5: The Ultimate Secrets of Swordsmanship

Now this woman is neurotic! She thinks her husband is neurotic: whenever you think something about somebody else, watch. Don’t be in a hurry, first look within. The cause may be inside you. But you don’t know yourself so you go on confusing your own projections with outer realities. It is impossible to know anything real unless you have known yourself. And the only way to know oneself is to live a life of vulnerability, openness. Don’t live in a closed cell. Don’t hide yourself behind your mind. Come out.

Once you come out, by and by you will become aware of millions of things in you. You are not a one room apartment, you have many rooms. You are a palace, but you have become accustomed to living on the porch and you have forgotten the palace completely. Many treasures are hidden in you, and those treasures constantly go on knocking, inviting, but you are almost deaf.

This blindness, this deafness, this insensitivity, has to be broken - and nobody else can do it. If somebody else tries you will feel offended, you will feel a trespassing. It happens every day: if I try to help you, you feel you have been trespassed upon. If I try to say something true about you, you feel offended, you feel humiliated, you feel hurt, your pride is hurt. You want to listen to lies about yourself from me; you want to listen to something which helps your already fixed image. You have a very golden image about yourself which is false. It has to be shattered to pieces because once it is shattered the reality will arise. If it is not shattered, you will go on clinging to it.

You think you are religious, you think you are a great seeker. You may not be religious at all, you may be simply afraid of life. In your temples and churches cowards are hiding, afraid of life. But to accept that one is afraid is very humiliating, so they say they are not afraid of life, they have renounced: “Life is not worth anything. Life is only for mediocre minds.” They have renounced everything for God, they are searching for God But watch: they are trembling. They are praying on their knees, but their prayer is not of love, their prayer is not of celebration, their prayer is not a festivity. Their prayer is out of fear, and fear corrupts everything. Nobody can approach truth through fear.

You have to approach truth through fearlessness. But if you are hiding your fear behind religiousness then it will be very difficult to shatter it. You are greedy, miserly, but you go on saying that you live a very simple life. If you are hiding behind the rationalization of simplicity then it is very difficult to see that you are a miser. And a miser misses tremendously because life is for those who share, life is for those who love, life is for those who are not too clinging to things - because then they become available to persons.

To cling to a thing is to cling to something which is below you. And if you go on clinging to things which are below you, how can you soar high? It is as if you are clinging to rocks and trying to fly in the sky, or you are carrying rocks on the head and trying to climb Everest. You have to throw them away. You have to throw away those rocks, you will have to unburden yourself.

Edmund Hillary, the first man to reach to the top of Everest, says in his autobiography, “As we started reaching closer and closer, I had to leave more and more things behind. At the last moment I had to leave almost everything, because everything became such a burden.”

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