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Chapter 10: All Going Is Going Astray

I am talking about this moment. What do you mean by “meantime”? There is no meantime. This is it! These birds, this cuckoo, these trees, you and me: this moment. This is the moment of nirvana.

But you start thinking in terms of desire. You say, “It sounds great.” In fact, a thing that could have released your celebration becomes a desire, and through desire you start feeling sad because the goal is far away.

The cuckoo is singing right now. And the trees have flowered right now. It is all beautiful this moment. It will never be more beautiful. It has never been less beautiful. Each moment is perfect. But you start thinking about the tomorrow. Then the whole glory is there, somewhere away from you, and here you are a miserable creature, crying and weeping for the goal.

You create the meantime. I am not talking about the meantime. I am not talking about time at all, so what to say about meantime? I am talking about the eternal moment, about eternity. You bring time in. The mind always brings time in. Time is a mind faculty.

The mind cannot be herenow. The mind says, “Right. Hoard this, whatsoever Osho is saying. Hoard it. Someday we are going to practice it, and one day we are going to attain to this buddhahood. It sounds great.” Then the misery, then the sadness. Then you will remain miserable your whole life. This buddhahood will never happen, because you missed it in the first place.

You have become so miserable that you cannot trust me that the celebration is possible right now. You say, “First one has to prepare. First one has to become this and that. First one has to meditate. First one has to become a great saint. First one has to become virtuous.” This is something which from the very childhood has been deeply conditioned on your mind.

The parents, the teachers, the schools, the universities, the priest, the politician, they all have been teaching you, “Get ready. Get ready; something is going to happen.” And then you go on getting ready - and one day you simply die, just getting ready. It never happens. When you were a child they were saying, “Wait, grow up, first be educated. Go to the university, come back home.” Thrilled, you go to the university and you suffer all sorts of tortures there, in the hope that it is not going to last forever, in the hope that now you are getting ready. You don’t know what for, what you are getting ready for.

To listen to this cuckoo singing? To watch a bird on the wing? To see a full moon in the night? To hold a friend’s hand? To love? For what? Because all this is available right now.

You go to the university, you go through a thousand and one imprisonments; by the time you come back home you are destroyed. It is very rare; very fortunate people come back from the university without being destroyed by the education system.

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